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Cool All-Purpose ★ Limited Edition ★ While Supplies Last

Currently seeking additional funding

In order to create additional iconic inspirational designs, we will be seeking funding in October 2013 for this innovative project. Contact us at to find out how you can help. 

Product Description:

The Yin Yang theory is a prominent concept of Feng Shui in the belief that everything in the universe consists of two deeply interconnected forces. These two Feng Shui forces interacting and commingling create the essence of life around us. The concept behind this super-cool 3D iconic Feng Shui Yin-Yang computer accessory symbolizes the motivation and inspiration every online user needs to create this same positive, productive and prosperous essence within their online activities. Create a craze by impressing friends, attracting good fortune and supporting positive energy with this limited edition glow-in-the-dark rare find. 

Literally Outshines the Competition:

Rare unique Trademarked creation - NOT ordinary computer skin;

✔Extremely hard durable sturdy material - NOT soft thin vinyl 2D sticker print;

✔Attractively glows brightly green in the dark - NOT dim and anti-glowing. 


✔Sticks on notebook/laptop/desktop/computer very easily and without mess; 

✔More and more creative minds are using product to Feng Shui their entire household by sticking it on their closets, doors, walls, etc.;

✔Follows the Go Green initiative and is biodegradable, Eco-conscious, and Eco-friendly;

✔Makes a terrific computer accessory, home decor, novelty, gift, inspirational/motivational item;

✔Weight: 0.08 kg per piece;

✔Size Scales: 7¼" per piece;

✔Shelf life: 110 years;

✔Rare Limited Edition of ONLY 500,000 will be sold! 

★Get yours NOW while supplies last!